Chalet Azzurrino - Bansko, Bulgaria

Located at the foot of Mount Pirin in the famous town of Bansko, our chalet was built to give hospitality and comfort to those who love the mountains.

It offers five double rooms, each with a full private bathroom. Our guests have free usage of the tavern, the lounge for leisourly afternoons, and the ski and bike storage. There is private parking on the premises.

The entire area of ​​the chalet is covered by WIFI internet connection.

When needed, or upon request, the chalet can offer two apartments, completely independent from each other, with their respective kitchens / living rooms.

The chalet is situated at a 10-minute walk from downtown and an 8-minute walk from the gondola lift.

The town of Bansko was the stronghold of the Bulgarian Renaissance in the period 1700 - 1800. Visiting it and strolling in the historic district, the surrounding walls of the courtyards also convey the atmosphere of past centuries, history and art.

The nearby thermal springs make the town very attractive for complete relaxation.

Alpine skiing has been practiced in Bansko for a very long time. It has now become the traditional sport. There are numerous competitions at European and world level, which the local entities organize every year. We wish every athlete to reach their maximum potential in the Bansko races!

Mount Pirin offers an infinite number of routes for any outdoor sporting activity. It is an inexhaustible natural resource for skiing, mountaineering, trekking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, free ride, cross-country skiing, biathlon. Much of the Bansko mountains are part of the Pirin National Park.

Since 1983, the Pirin National Park has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

According to Thracian mythology, Mount Pirin was chosen by the Gods as their home. We welcome you to our resort and our chalet as a home for your holidays!

Chalet Azzurrino Ul. Hristo Matov – 9 ; 2770 Bansko, Bulgaria


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